Professional web design Tips: Is it to care what your website looks like?

I don’t want to start badly here, but I have to say it directly: appearances are important. A lot. Of course, I mean the attractiveness of your website. While it is an obvious statement in that regard (it is a common request from customers), what I want to explain in more detail is why it is important and how it looks or how your website looks.

The decisions that are made around which colors to choose, which sources to use and where certain elements are located on each page can be the difference between an excellent-looking website and an excellent-looking website that performs well.

Getting a good web positioning depends not only on the web interface, but also on many other factors to consider

A bad web design can make your Google ranking difficult

The usability and overall user experience of your website is an important factor that Google considers when the content is positioned in the search engine. You can make a difference between being on page 1 or page 10.

An excellent user experience involves: making sure that the fonts you are using load quickly and are displayed in a size that is considered readable, the size of the buttons and how close they are to other content on the page (blank space) and the general ease of use and ability to navigate through the pages.

The design of your website must be the letter of online presentation of your company

Of course, web design only conforms to some of the considerations that Google takes into account when determining the quality of a website (the speed of the page and the quality of the content are also there). But, with the advent of user behavior that leans so much toward mobile devices, Google is putting a firm focus on mobile devices, making the design more vital than ever. That is, now it is less about making a website look good and flow well on the desktop; which must be sensitive, well regarded and easy to use on mobile as much as (or even better) than on other devices.

Web design for your business

Even without the need for digital marketing initiatives, you may need a website to meet a set of objectives, such as capturing queries or selling products.

If this is the case, the ease of use and user experience of your website remain essential for the success of your online business. Research shows that seemingly simple things like choosing the color for your buttons can be the difference between the conversion of a user or that of a user who continues his journey to another place. Unless your website has been properly designed to consider the user experience, the ability of your website to drive users to the right areas and get conversions will be difficult.

Questions to ask about the design of your website…

Does your website align with other brands you have in the market?
If you are looking to achieve an effective online representation of your brand or company, there are decisions you must make in terms of how your website looks. Then, take a look at your website and see if it aligns with the image or overview you have for your brand and company. For example, if you presented a potential customer with your logo, business cards or other brand material, would they align with the look of your website?

Does my website make a positive first impression?

To make a positive, memorable and professional impression, you must ensure that your company’s website is an extension of your brand, not fighting it.

Your website is a place where you can control what the user sees, the messages he receives and the experience they have. If the appearance of your website does not include good design and decisive decisions, it is little more than maintaining a place on the Internet, losing great opportunities for your business to grow and prosper.

What is your design currently doing for your website?

This is the most important question to ask. If your design does not represent your brand in a way that not only makes you proud, but also is not doing its job in terms of a pleasant user experience and conversions, it might be time to consider investing in a new one that works for you and your business.

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Professional writer with more than 7 years of experience. Joseph has worked as a content creator and editor on different web pages. He has been coordinator and content manager in various editorial teams. He also has extensive experience in SEO and digital marketing.