A picture says more than a thousand words.

And in a matter of publicizing a product or explaining an idea a web page full of text is not the best option, since after a while you will lose the attention of visitors because they will be completely bored. The handling of colors is also an important aspect that you should take care of because it can have a great influence on the mood of your customers.

Use animation only because it is a good way to damage the experience of users who visit the web

And it is that a strategy to keep the attention of the public, especially when you are promoting a product or service is to create small video clip. It is important to know how to distinguish yourself and animation can be outlined as an interesting option to achieve it, but not only that, it can also be a useful element to optimize a company’s website, an aspect that can have important benefits. And yes, the technique of using video is attractive, imagine what an animation would achieve.

Use animation with a purpose

Use of animation only because it is a good way to damage the experience of users who visit the web, that is why you must have a clear idea, a good reason to be present, for example, captivate the visitor’s attention in a content that is relevant. The main reason must always be to amplify the experience and therefore it is necessary to think well what its function will be.

Second step…

Use animation to a minimum extent..

Following the line of not affecting the user experience, it is important to be aware that the animation should not distract visitors from the main purpose of the site, for this reason it is necessary to use it to a minimum, for any business it is convenient to end with a page that virtually force people to stay focused on certain information they want to consult.

And last but not least …

Use it according to your budget..

Finally, you should know that incorporating the animation into the design of the website will increase the cost in its development, as well as the time it might take to be ready to use, however, it is an investment that may be worthwhile to delight, differentiate and create greater engagement.

Sometime, mall tips can make your ideas BIG projects!


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